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Officers and Committees

*Not pictured-Junior Steward Chris Waters

Flowery Branch Lodge No. 212 F. & A.M.

Est. 1880

2019 Officers and Committee Members

WM Gary Day

SW Chris Eberhart
JW Tim Roberts
Chaplin Stanley Black
SEC. Barry Roberts
TRES. Perry Roper
SD John Cole
JD Chris Carey
SS Keith Hix
JS Chris Walters
Tyler Tony Thomas


WM Gary Day         SW Chris Eberhart          JW Tim Roberts

Outreach Fund

WM Gary Day    SW Chris Eberhart   JW Tim Roberts   SD John Cole

 Building and Grounds  

WM Gary Day       Chad Ashe PM      Tony Thomas PM      JW Chris Eberhart      SS Rickey Tisdale


Tony Thomas PM          Wanye Randazzo PM        Chad Ashe PM

Directors of Work

Phillip Williams PM (Floor)     Perry Roper PM (Floor)    SS Rickey Tisdale (Lectures)

Jim Arnold PM (Lectures)

Masonic Home Ambassador

Shane Smith PM

Boy Scout Charter Representative

 Chad Ashe PM

Widow’s Fund Coordinator

Jim Arnold PM

Cemetery Committee

Richard Wolfe PM


Barry Roberts PM      JW Tim Roberts     SD David Frizzell       Jim Arnold PM


WM Chris Eberhart       Rickey Tisdale       Jay Griffith

Website Manager

Kevin Hutcheson